Safety Guidelines

Electron Microscopy Center Safety Guidelines

The following policies and procedures apply to all users of the Electron Microscopy Center. The guidelines presented below will ensure that all users of the facility are following safe practices when handling biological materials. All spills involving biological material should be reported to the EHS Biosafety Office. Reporting of spills helps to ensure the area was properly cleaned and enhances the safety of all users of the facility. Spill reporting will be used to improve safety practices and will not result in penalties for the user

Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Each user is responsible for the material he/she brings into the facility.
  • Users should notify the EMC staff director about when and where biohazardous material is being handled.
  • Live biological material being transported to the facility should be in a leak proof secondary container. After work is completed, all material should be transported back to the user's laboratory for proper storage.
  • Use gloves when manipulating biological material, remove gloves before touching equipment or door handles.
  • Biological waste generated in the core facility should be placed in a labeled, closable bag or suitable container and taken back to the user's lab for proper disposal. No biological waste should be left in the core facility.
  • Users are responsible for wiping down/decontaminating equipment and surfaces with 70% ethanol after each use when working with hazardous biological material.
  • Users should blot the sponge pads in the Vitrobot using a Kimwipe dampened with 70% ethanol when finished using the Vitrobot.
  • In case of a biohazard spill on the benchtop, users are required to follow appropriate spill procedures for the material he/she is using in the facility. Please refer to the IU Biosafety Manual Section 3.1 for spill clean-up. Report all spills to the EHS Biosafety Office.
  • In case of a biohazard spill on equipment during normal working hours notify the EMC Manager before beginning clean-up procedures. If a biohazard spill on equipment occurs after hours follow the clean-up procedures outlined by the EMC manager during training and notify the EMC manager as soon as possible.

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