Welcome to the IU-Bloomington Electron Microscopy Center (IUB-EMC)


  • To provide user-friendly access to state-of-the-art equipment, service and expertise in electron microscopy to the IUB campus and beyond.
  • To promote the development of researchers that are knowledgeable, confident and comfortable in the use of electron microscopes.


  • in situ TEM holders for both heating and multi-port liquid cell studies.
  • Sample preparation equipment includes ultramicrotomes, a high-pressure freezer, a freeze substitution robot, automated and manual plunge freezers, carbon coater, glow discharge devices and a sputter coater.
  • Image processing and analysis workstations and software.


  • Consultation on experimental design for the best use of electron microscopes.
  • Fee-for-service work in all aspects of electron microscopy.
  • Training of new-users in sample preparation, microscope operation, and data analysis.
  • Annual graduate course on biological electron microscopy.

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Recent News and Events

May 1, 2022

Users of IUB-EMC instruments who experience problems can send an email about the issue to EMChelp@indiana.edu. Messages will be distributed to the staff, and users should expect some sort of response in 10-20 minutes (normal working hours) and within an hour or two (evenings, weekends and holidays).  More about this new system can be found here.

Jan 11, 2023

The IUB-EMC is awaiting the arrival of a JEOL NEOARM microscope equipped for advanced materials science applications which should arrive during the summer of 2023.  We hope it will be available to users at the beginning of the following fall.


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