Displaying dm3 Files

Both these programs allow the user to modify the display parameters by opening a dialog window using the middle button on a 3-button mouse. Once this window has been opened, the display can be adjusted by using the "B" (brightness) and "C" (contrast) sliders (or by typing values into the text box beside each slider). You can change the apparent magnification of the displayed image by entering values into the "scale" text box to the right of the sliders. This modifies the magnification of the displayed image but not the size of the display window itself. The size of the display window can be altered boxer from EMAN1by using the mouse pointer and left mouse button to grab and drag an edge or corner of the window to make it larger or smaller. If the display window is too small to show the full image at the chosen magnification, you can drag the image around using the right mouse button. This is somewhat easier when using boxer since you also have a separate window that shows the displayed area as an outline within the boundary of the full image at the right side of the main boxer control window. The area displayed in this window can be dragged using the left mouse button and causes appropriate changes to happen in the display window itself. In addition, boxer opens another window (labeled "Image View") that is initially blank (solid black in most cases) but that can be used to display boxed out sub-regions of the displayed image.

Another program available on Karst that will allow you to display dm3 files directly is the program "bshow" which is part of the Bsoft suite of programs. This program is started by typing

$ bshow
$ bshow single_image_file
$ bshow
$ bshow myImage.dm3
$ bshow anotherImage.jpg

NOTE: You cannot open multiple files using a single command line invocation of bshow. As with the EMAN1 programs, bshow can also be used with a very large number of file formats.

The "autoscale" button at the bottom of this window sets the Min and Max displayed values to produce a nice display. You can open a second window that allows you to zoom into this image by clicking on "Window/Magnify" in the toolbar across the top.

This program has many other functions.

Read descriptions on other imaging functions offered by bshow

Remember that you may need to connect to Karst using "ssh -X username@karst.uits.iu.edu" in order to have the X-display from these programs forwarded properly to your computer.