By the end of the day, Dave had opened most of the boxes and we had moved most of the parts into the same room as the column. We even found the official packing list in the second-to-last box that we opened.

By this time, the boxes in the hall had been emptied and removed and even most of the parts had been attached to the 1400plus. The 1400plus does have a surprisingly large number of side panels and covers that will eventually have to be attached. The image to the right shows them all leaning against the wall outside the Myers Hall EM area, and they actually form a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle for Dave to assemble.

The major visible changes to the 1400plus over the next few days were attaching some of these side panels to the instrument and the addition of the second monitor. We will eventually have a third monitor (i.e., a monitor for the actual TEM, for the Gatan camera and for the Oxford EDX system) that will likely sit above the two shown here,

This image is just a few days later and there are really no significant visible changes to the 1400plus. Starting today, the engineer (Mike Van Etten was here this week) labored to make the microscope run properly: testing the vacuum, raising the high tension to operating voltages (80 to 120 kV), heating up the filament and finding and aligning the beam. In the image below, it's possible to see for the first time that the 1400plus is actually running: the smaller monitor is actively running JEOL's TEM Center.

With the 1400plus performing well at the end of Mike's visit, it was time for Stephan Bourgoin from Gatan to get the OneView camera working. He and Dave Dillner switched the positions of the two monitors (so that the camera control was closest to the operator), and started up the (rather noisy) Gatan PC. A few more side panels had also been attached by then, and the desk at the left holds specimen loading tools for the first time.

The last thing to be added was the EDX system The image below was acquired several weeks after the EDX system was added and shows the detector extending from the right side of the 1400plus's column (just above the large monitor connected to the Gatan OneView camera). It also shows the third monitor (the one furthest to the right) that is connected to the EDX detector. Close-up images of the detector are shown below.

The images below show the 1400plus from the back. The two images were acquired 12 days apart and show the instrument just before the electron gun was attached (left) and after everything except the EDX system had been attached (right). From this vantage point, it is easy to see the large number of side panels and covers that needed to be attached to the instrument.