Outreach Efforts in 2013

Here is a brief listing of the events in the recent past where the Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) has had some sort of presence. This includes classes and presentations made on the IUB campus as well as attendance and participation at regional and national meetings. This listing does not include any of our many facility tours.


  • M435 (Viral Tissue Culture Laboratory, Spring and Fall Semester)
    Barry Stein taught a section of this undergraduate lab course where students receive both a theoretical and practical introduction to TEM and SEM
  • L313 (Cell Biology Laboratory, Spring and Fall Semesters)
    Barry Stein taught a section of this undergraduate lab course where students prepare samples and examine them in the JEOL JEM 1010
  • M608 (Materials Chemistry: Fabrication and Soft Matter at IU and Beyond, Spring Semester)
    Gavin Murphy and David Morgan each presented one lecture in this seminar course introducing Chemistry grad students to micro- and nanofabrication techniques
  • Z620 or B680 (Biological Light and Electron Microscopy, Spring Semester)
    Barry Stein taught the electron microscopy section of this graduate level theory/practice course about various types of microscopy


  • August 4 - August 8
    Barry Stein, Gavin Murphy and David Morgan attend the 2013 Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting in Indianapolis where David was also a co-chair of a platform session entitled "Advances in Data Processing in Optical and Electron Microscopy"
  • October 17 - October 19
    Gavin Murphy attended the Midwest Association of Core Facility Directors (MWACD) meeting in Madison, WI