Outreach Efforts in 2015

Here is a brief listing of the events in the recent past where the Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) has had some sort of presence. This includes classes and presentations made on the IUB campus as well as attendance and participation at regional and national meetings. This listing does not include any of our many facility tours.


  • Z620 or B680 (Biological Light and Electron Microscopy, Spring Semester)
    Barry Stein taught the electron microscopy section of this graduate level theory/practice course about various types of microscopy
  • early 2015
    David Morgan started an image processing tutorial for users of the JEOL JEM 3200FS who are interested in reconstruction of biological assemblies. The informal tutorial started with concepts like resolution, digital sampling (from an information theory point of view) and some observations about Fourier transforms before moving into the final sections about how to design any sort of EM project and (finally) how to run some of the multiple reconstruction packages that are available on Karst. This sort of tutorial is held sporadically and usually at user request, David's discretion and when there is a reasonable group of students who all need similar training. Talk to David if you are interested in a future session.
  • July 27 - 31
    The EMC ran a tutorial on using the IMOD package to process tomographic tilt series. The tutorial was held every afternoon for five sequential days, and each session lasted anywhere from two to four hours. The first session was an introductory talk about tomography in general, and ended with the installation of IMOD on participant's laptops. The rest of the week was spent going over the tutorials supplied by the Boulder Laboratory for 3-D Electron Microscopy of Cells. These exercises included building a dual axis tomogram of yeast basal bodies and joining a set of serial tomograms. We also had a guest lecture from Dr. Jacob Brink with JEOL USA, Inc.


  • February 13
    David Morgan attended the Chemical Biology Day event held at Bradford Woods and presented a poster about the EMC. The event was a combination of scientific presentations from various members of the IU Bloomington campus and IU School of Medicine, a speed dating session to get the participants to meet and chat with as many other attendees as possible and a brainstorming session about an initial grant for a chemical biology program spread across IUB and IUSM.
  • March 28 - 31
    David Morgan (and Jim Powers from the LMIC) attended the annual national (international) meeting of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) in St. Louis MO. The ABRF meetings bring together academic/research center core facility managers and administrators to discuss issues that are common not only to (for example) EM centers but rather common to EM, bioinformatics, mass spec, light microscopy and flow cytometry centers.
  • June 21 - 26
    David Morgan attended the annual Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy Gordon Conference at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH. This conference takes place every year, and rotates between the US, Europe and starting next year Asia, and brings together the world's expert on the use of electron microscopy to address structural and cellular biology.
  • August 3 - 6
    Gavin Murphy attended the Microscopy and Microanalysis Annual meeting in Portland, OR.
  • October 30 - November 3
    David Morgan attended a workshop on single particle image processing in Houston. The workshop was sponsored by the National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI) and included a series of hands on tutorials based on a recent data set from Sriram Subramaniam's group at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In addition to the tutorials, there were also presentations on general cryoEM methods, direct electron detecting cameras (DED's) and . The last day was a symposium celebrating 30 years of the NCMI and highlighting recent cryoEM work.