Available Mailing Lists

Available Mailing Lists

Starting with fiscal year (2017), the Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) has implemented a set of official IU-sponsored mailing lists to help the staff more easily stay in contact with the users of the microscopes and with the faculty who oversee individuals working in the EMC.

The EMC will create additional mailing lists if and when it becomes useful and/or necessary. There are currently seven separate mailing lists:

Available Mailing Lists as of January 2023
Mailing list e-mail addressDescription
EMC-1010-USERS-L@INDIANA.EDUFor active users of the JEOL JEM 1010
EMC-1400PLUS-USERS-L@INDIANA.EDU For active users of the JEOL JEM 1400plus
EMC-3200-USERS-L@INDIANA.EDUFor active users of the JEOL JEM 3200FS
EMC-ALL-USERS-L@INDIANA.EDUFor all active users of the IUB EM Center
EMC-ARCTICA-USERS-L@INDIANA>EDUFor active users of the Thermo-Fisher Talos Arctica
EMC-FACULTY-L@INDIANA.EDUFor faculty who oversee users of EMC equipment
EMC-TENEO-USERS-L@INDIANA.EDUFor active users of the Thermo-Fisher Teneo SEM and VolumeScope

Anyone can subscribe or unsubscribe from these lists by sending an empty e-mail to list@list.indiana.edu that has one of the following as the e-mail's subject



Additional Information about our Mailing Lists

The Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) has collected general information and resources about our mailing lists. Also, although it is not absolutely necessary, it is easier for the EMC if users subscribe to these mailing lists using IU accounts.

These are moderated mailing lists, meaning that when members of a list send an e-mail to the rest of the list, that message is not posted until one of the list administrators approves. This also applies to list subscriptions (i.e., a new member is not subscribed to a list until one of the administrators approves the membership), but not to unsubscriptions.

The mailing lists for the microscopes allow the EMC to reach specific users of those instruments with information such as service interruptions, unexpectedly available instrument time, best practices for using the instrument and changes in instrument policy. Everyone who uses EMC equipment should be a member of the all users mailing list and it will be used to inform facility users of general policy changes within EMC, staff vacations and similar things that affect more than a single piece of equipment.

The faculty mailing list is designed both to inform faculty of EMC policy changes, staff vacation, etc., and also to allow the EMC to solicit information from the faculty with regard to things like recent publications that made use of EMC facilities, grants and proposals that specifically mention the EMC and overall future directions for the EMC. The faculty should feel free to subscribe to the mailing lists for equipment, but this is something that the faculty must do individually (and not something that the EMC automatically does).

NOTE: At present, everyone who uses the EMC facilities should be a member of the all users group.