Outreach Efforts in 2014

Here is a brief listing of the events in the recent past where the Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) has had some sort of presence. This includes classes and presentations made on the IUB campus as well as attendance and participation at regional and national meetings. This listing does not include any of our many facility tours.


  • M435 (Viral Tissue Culture Laboratory, Spring and Fall Semester)
    Barry Stein taught a section of this undergraduate lab course where students receive both a theoretical and practical introduction to TEM and SEM
  • L313 (Cell Biology Laboratory, Spring and Fall Semesters)
    Barry Stein taught a section of this undergraduate lab course where students prepare samples and examine them in the JEOL JEM 1010
  • Z620 or B680 (Biological Light and Electron Microscopy, Spring Semester)
    Barry Stein taught the electron microscopy section of this graduate level theory/practice course about various types of microscopy
  • September 22
    David Morgan opened the fall semester's Cell Bio Club (the group that in the spring becomes one of the Z620 courses) with a report from his recent trip to Brno and the International Microscopy Congress (IMC) in Prague.


  • April 21 - April 25
    David Morgan attended the Spring 2014 Materials Research Society meeting. David was a co-organizer with Peter Wang from Continuum Analytics of a half-day workshop entitled Recognizing and Addressing "Big Data" Problems and also gave an invited talk in the Meeting the Challenges of Understanding and Visualizing Mesoscale Phenomena symposium entitled "Electron Microscopy in the Cloud(s): How Issues of Big Data Affect How We (Should) Think About the Work We Do" (session YY2.03).
  • September 5
    David Morgan attended the Frontiers in CryoEM workshop celebrating the recent opening of the cryoEM core facility in the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) in Brno, Czech Republic. The CEITEC Structural Biology program houses the cryoEM core facility along with core facilities for NMR, X-ray diffraction and SAXS, biomolecular interactions and crystallization and nanobiotechnology. Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic and home of Gregor Mendel (the founding father of modern genetics), is the home of multiple electron microscope companies, and with FEI's recent move of most manufacturing there, the city is expected to produce more than 80% of the worlds electron microscopes in the coming years.
  • September 7 - September 12
    David Morgan attended the 2014 International Microscopy Congress (IMC) in Prague. David gave a presentation entitled Organizing, Managing and Searching Large Collections of Images: A New Resource To Handle High-Throughput Imaging (in session ID4, High-Throughput Microscopy and its Applications).
  • October 9 - October 12
    David Morgan attended the 2014 joint meeting of the Midwest Association of Core Directors and the Southeastern Association of Shared Resources in Nashville TN. These two groups are affiliated members of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABFR), the international organization that targets core and biotechnology research laboratories.
  • October 30
    Gavin Murphy attended the Ion Beam Workshop at McCrone Associates. The meeting was hosted by Mager Scientific and covered a variety of cutting-edge ion beam products for different purposes.
  • November 17 - November 20
    Gavin Murphy attended the 7th International Electron Tomography Conference in Cancun, Mexico.