Tomography Examples and Reconstructions

Examples of Tomography Tilt Series and 3d Reconstructions

Some of the images on this page are featured throughout the Electron Microscopy Center's (EMC) website, while others are from various projects using the JEOL JEM 3200FS. These images illustrate different types of samples, different sample preparation methods and different modes of imaging. As the EMC produces more tomography data, this gallery of images will be expanded and updated.


Thick section of resin-embedded Drosophila melanogaster muscle
Thick section of resin-embedded sea urchin embryoes undergoing laboratory induced biomineralization
Highly porous silica microparticles synthesized using an ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method and drop cast onto an EM grid.
Carbon contamination of a commercial graphite grid. These images were recorded immediately after imaging a specimen that contaminated horribly during STEM analysis, and the contamination ring shown here formed from residual carbon-containing fragments that filled the 3200FS's vacuum.

Three-Dimensional Reconstructions

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Grid Mesh Effects on Tilt Range

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