Herschel Lenz,  Ruth Dippell and an RCA EMU-1(?) electron microscope in the basement of Jordan Hall

Time Use Policies

  1. Please schedule time on the various pieces of equipment as far in advance as your schedule and your science allows and also as far in advance as iLab allows (usually 14 days).
  2. Scheduled time must be paid for.
  3. The minimum times that can be scheduled are 10 min for the JEOL JEM 1010, 15 min for JEOL JEM 1400plus, 1 hr for JEOL JEM 3200FS and 30 min for the FEI Teneo VolumeScope.
  4. Consistently leaving instruments in a state not useable by the next user will result in instrument use only while supervised by a staff member.
  5. Training times never involve charges for staff time UNLESS it is a refresher course or the user needs significantly more training than typical users.
  6. All fee-for-service instrument time is billed at prime-time hourly rates unless explicitly requested.