Additional Images of the JEOL Common Specimen Holder

Under Construction!

Here are a few additional images of the JEOL Common Specimen Holder (EM-21010 SCSH). This is the rod that inserts into the column of both the JEOL JEM 1400plus and the JEOL JEM 3200FS. Various grid-holding "retainers" can be attached to such rods using a spring-based clamping mechanism, allowing the retainers to we switched in only a minute or two.

JEOL Common Specimen Holder (EM-21010 SCSH)

image of empty JEOL specimen holder Various grid clamping retainers can be attached to this specimen holder which can be used in both the 1400plus and the 3200FS.
image of empty specimen holder with tool to change retainers attached Inserting or changing a retainer is as simple as inserting this tool into the small hole in the tip of the holder and opening the clamp by moving the tool towards the opposite end of the holder. When the clamp is open, a slot and pin are revealed. Each retainer has a tab that inserts into this slot and is held in the correct position by the pin. Once the retainer is in position, the clamp is allowed to close.
This is the opposite end of the holder. The large black piece is plastic and is the only part of the holder visible once it has been inserted into the microscope column. The black blade that extends to the right guides the holder into the proper position when inserting it into the column. It also triggers a micro-switch to tell the instrument that a holder has been inserted and that the vaccum system should pump the air-lock.
This close-up of the blade shows how it is attached to this holder: it is a continuous piece of plastic that can be broken off if the holder is not handled properly. When the blade is missing, the holder cannot tell the microscope to initiate the pumping cycle and the holder simply cannot be used
This close-up of a different blade shows how it is attached to this particular holder: it was broken off and was replaced with a detachable piece that simply inserts into the larger piece of plastic.