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image of JEOL JEM 1010

image of JEOL JEM 3200FS
JEM 1010 JEM 3200FS

image of JEOL JEM 1400plus from JEOL USA website

JEM 1400plus FEI Teneo with VolumeScope

The Electron Microscopy Center here at IU is a growing resource that currently houses a 100 kV JEOL JEM 1010 TEM, a 120 kV JEOL JEM 1400plus TEM, a 300 kV JEOL JEM 3200FS (S)TEM and an FEI (Thermo) Teneo SEM equipped with a VolumeScope.

image of Wohlwend HPF Compact 1


image of Leica EM AFS-2

Compact 2 AFS-2

The EMC also includes a Vitrobot Mk3 plunge freezer for preparing frozen, hydrated TEM specimens, a Wohlwend HPF Compact 2 high pressure freezer, a Leica AFS-2 freeze substitution instrument and various other equipment necessary for the EMC to function. In addition, users of the EMC also have access to state-of-the-art light microsocpy facilities, and the staff is actively engaged in correlated light microscopy/electron microscopy projects.

Since the EMC strives to be an integrated resource that includes data collection, storage and interpretation, our resources also include the computational facilities necessary for archiving digital images and the image processing and analysis programs and packages necessary for TEM/STEM tomography and biological structure determination.

Further details concerning specific resources in the EMC can be found by clicking on the following items:

For a general overview of the EMC and the directions we would like to head in the near future, please contact the staff. The staff can also provide general information on the scientific problems that can be addressed both specifically by the EMC and by various electron microscopy techniques in general. In addition, the staff can suggest people to contact with regard to techniques of specimen preparation or electron microscopy that cannot currently be accomplished here at IUB.