Using Specific Rappture GUI's on Karst

rapptuer GUI for auto3demThis page describes a number of scripts on Karst that can be used to submit image processing jobs to the queue. Most of these operate through rappture-based GUI's, but in at least one case, a script is produced that must be sent to the queue using the normal "qsub" command:

                $ qsub script_name

For the most part, use of these scripts requires no detailed knowledge of how to deal with the queue manager on Karst or of the exact command syntax necessary to control these jobs. Limited help is available either while running these scripts or from the rappture GUI created after running one of the scripts, but it is also assumed that users have familiarity with jobs that are created and sent to the queue.

Note: All of the rappture GUI's are fully functional but they are not finished products. For example, the HTML help file associated with each of these scripts (not the mouse-over hints, but the file used to display information in the upper left corner of each GUI) may simply be a "place-holder" file instead of something useful. Also, we have left in place in all the GUI's the mechanism for obtaining help through the GUI even in cases where the program the GUI runs does not support such an option. All these issues will be addressed in the future (especially when users bring them to the attention of the staff!).

In the following list, the command to start various things is printed in bold and a brief description of what can be accomplished after running the command follows the script name.

A description of how to use these setup scripts can be found elsewhere.