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Publications From 2014

Here are some EM-containing publications from people using the EMC in 2014. All the publications listed here have at least some electron microscopy done using instruments at IUB. Clicking on the title of an article will take you to the website of the publisher where you should be able to obtain a PDF copy of the journal article. If you are unable to obtain a copy that way, please contact the highlighted author(s) for further information. Finally, publications that do not have an IUB-associated name highlighted contain electron microscopy work done by off-campus users of EMC equipment.


articles of interest for biology/structural biology EM:

An, Thuy T. and Picardal, F.W. (2014) Desulfocarbo indianensis gen. nov., sp. nov., a benzoate-oxidizing, sulfate-reducing bacterium isolated from water extracted from a coal bed. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 64, 2758-2762.

Grivas, J., Haag, M., Johnson, A., Manalo, T., Roell, J., Das, T.L., Brown, E., Burns, A.R. and Lafontant, P.J. (2014) Cardiac repair and regenerative potential in the goldfish (Carassius auratus) heart. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. C Toxicol. Pharmacol. 163, 14-23.

Kukreja, A.A., Wang, J.C.-Y., Pierson, E.E., Keifer, D.Z., Selzer, L., Tan, Z., Dragnea, B., Jarrold, M.F. and Zlotnick, A. (2014) Structurally Similar Woodchuck and Human Hepadnavirus Core Proteins Have Distinctly Different Temperature Dependences of Assembly. J. Virol. 88, 14105-14115.

Mahato, S., Morita, S., Tucker, A., Liang, X., Jackowska, M., Friedrich, M., Shiga ,Y. and Zelhof, A.C.  (2014) Common transcriptional mechanisms for visual photoreceptor cell differentiation among Pancrustaceans. PLoS Genetics. 10, e1004484.

Nie, J., Mahato, S. and Zelhof, A.C. (2014) The actomyosin machinery is required for Drosophila retinal lumen formation. PLoS Genetics. 10, e1004608.

Pierson, E., Keifer D., Selzer, L., Lee, L.S., Contino, N.C., Wang, J.C.-Y., Zlotnick, A., and Jarrold, M.F. (2014) Detection of late intermediates in virus capsid assembly by charge detection mass spectrometry. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 136, 3536–3541.

Raff, R.A., Andrews, M.E., Pearson, R.L., Turner, F.R., Saur, S.T., Thomas, D.C., Eagan, J.L., and Raff, E.C.  (2014) Microbial ecology and biofilms in the taphonomy of soft tissues. PALAIOS 29, 560–569.

Raff, R.A. and Raff, E.C.  (2014) The role of biology in the fossilization of embryos and other soft-bodied organisms: Microbial biofilms and Lagerstätten. In Reading and Writing of the Fossil Record: Preservational Pathways to Exceptional Fossilization (M. Laflamme, J. Schiffbauer, and S. Darroch, eds.) Paleontological Society Papers 20, 83-100.

Selzer, L., Katen, S.P. and Zlotnick, A. (2014) The HBV core protein intra-dimer interface modulates capsid assembly and stability. Biochemistry 53, 5496–5504.

Wang, J.C.-Y., Nickens, D.G. , Lentz, T. B., Loeb, D.D. and Zlotnick, A. (2014) Encapsidated hepatitis B virus reverse transcriptase is poised on an ordered RNA lattice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111, 11329–11334.

Wang, J.C.-Y., Zlotnick, A. and Mecinovi, J. (2014) Transmission electron microscopy enables the reconstruction of the catenane and ring forms of CS2 hydrolase. Chem. Comm. 50, 10281-10283.

Wang, Y, Haitjema, C.H,. and Fuqua, C. (2014) The Ctp Type IVb pilus locus of Agrobacterium tumefaciens directs formation of the common pili and contributes to reversible surface attachment. J. Bacteriol. 196, 2979-2988.

articles of interest for materials science EM:

Bower, M. M., DeSantis, C. J. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2014) A quantitative analysis of the effects of anions and pH on the growth of bimetallic nanostructures. J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 18762-18770.

DeSantis, C. J. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2014) Manipulating the optical properties of symmetrically branched Au/Pd nanocrystals through interior design. Chem. Comm. 50, 5367-5369.

DeSantis, C. J., Sue, A. C., Radmilovic, A., Liu, H., Losovyj, Y. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2014) Shaping the synthesis and assembly of symmetrically stellated Au/Pd nanocrystals with aromatic additives. Nano Letters 14, 4145-4150.

Easterday, R., Leonard, C. ,Sanchez-Felix, O., Losovyj, Y. B., Pink, M., Stein, B. D., Morgan, D. G., Lyubimova, N. A., Nikoshvili, L. Zh., Sulman, E. M., Mahmoud, W. E., Al-Ghamdi, A. A. and Bronstein, L. M. (2014) Fabrication of magnetically recoverable catalysts based on mixtures of Pd and iron cxide nanoparticles for hydrogenation of alkyne alcohols. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 6, 21652-21660.

Easterday, R., Sanchez-Felix, O., Stein, B. D., Morgan, D. G., Pink, M., Losovyj, Y. and Bronstein, L. M. (2014)  Structural study of Pt-Fe nanoparticles: new insights into Pt bimetallic nanoparticle formation with oxidized Fe species.  J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 24769-24775.

Kuchkina, N. V., Morgan, D. G., Kostopoulou, A., Lappas, A., Brintakis, K., Boris, B. S., Yuzik-Klimova, E. Yu., Stein, B.D., Svergun, D. I., Spilotros, A., Sulman, M. G., Nikoshvili, L. Zh., Sulman, E. M., Shifrina, Z. B. and Bronstein, L. M. (2014) Hydrophobic periphery tails of polyphenylenepyridyl dendrons control nanoparticle formation and catalytic properties. Chem. Mater. 26, 5654-5663.

Laskar, M. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2014) Decoupling the geometric parameters of Pd nanocatalysts. ACS Catalysis 4, 1120-1128.

Ortiz, N., Weiner, R. G. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2014) Ligand-controlled co-reduction versus electroless co-deposition: synthesis of nanodendrites with spatially defined bimetallic distributions. ACS Nano 12, 12461-12467. DOI:

Morgan, D.G., Boris, B.S., Kuchkina, N.V., Yuzik-Klimova, E.Yu., Sorokina, S.A., Stein, B.D., Svergun, D.I., Spilotros, A., Kostopoulou, A., Lappas, A., Shifrina, Z.B. and Bronstein, L.M. (2014) Multicore iron oxide mesocrystals stabilized by a poly(phenylenepyridyl) dendron and dendrimer: role of the dendron/dendrimer self-assembly. Langmuir 30, 8543-8550.

Weiner, R. G., DeSantis, C. J., Cardoso, M. B. T. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2014) Diffusion and seed shape: intertwined parameters in the synthesis of branched metal nanostructures. ACS Nano 8, 8625-8635.

Yuzik-Klimova, E. Yu., Kuchkina, N. V., Sorokina, S. A., Morgan, D. G., Boris, B., Nikoshvili, L. Zh., Lyubimova, N. A., Matveeva, V. G., Sulman, E. M., Stein, B. D., Mahmoud, W. E., Al-Ghamdi, A. A., Kostopoulou, A., Lappas, A., Shifrina, Z. B. and Bronstein, L. M. (2014) Magnetically recoverable catalysts based on polyphenylenepyridyl dendrons and dendrimers. RSC Advances 4, 23271-23280.

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