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Publications From 2013

Here are some EM-containing publications from people using the EMC in 2013. All the publications listed here have at least some electron microscopy done using instruments at IUB. Clicking on the title of an article will take you to the website of the publisher where you should be able to obtain a PDF copy of the journal article. If you are unable to obtain a copy that way, please contact the highlighted author(s) for further information. Finally, publications that do not have an IUB-associated name highlighted contain electron microscopy work done by off-campus users of EMC equipment.


articles of interest for biology/structural biology EM:

Atasheva, S., Kim, D.Y., Akhrymuk, M., Morgan, D.G., Frolova, E.I., and Frolov, I. (2013) Pseudo-infectious venezuelan equine encephalitis virus: a new means of alphavirus attenuation. J. Virol. 87, 2023-2035.

Cheng, F., Tsvetkova, I. B., Khuong, Y.L., Moore, A.W., Arnold, R. J., Goicochea, N. L., Dragnea, B., and Mukhopadhyay, S. (2013) The packaging of different cargo into enveloped viral nanoparticles. Mol. Pharm. 10, 51-8.

Katen, S.P., Tan, Z., Chirapu, S.R., Finn,M.G. and Zlotnick, A. (2013) Assembly-directed antivirals differentially bind quasiequivalent pockets to modify hepatitis B virus capsid tertiary and quaternary qtructure. Structure 21, 1406–1416

Li, L., Chirapu, S.R., Finn, M.G., and Zlotnick, A. (2013) Phase diagrams map the properties of anti-viral agents directed against Hepatitis B virus core assembly. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 57, 1505-1508.

Tan, Z., Maguire, M., Loeb, D., and Zlotnick, A. (2013) Genetically altering the thermo and kinetics of Hepatitis B Virus capsid assembly has profound effects on virus replication in cell culture. J. Virol. 87, 3208-3216.

Xu, J., Kim, J., Koestler, B.J., Waters, C.M. and Fuqua, C. (2013) Genetic analysis of Agrobacterium tumefaciens unipolar polysaccharide production reveals complex integrated control of the motile-to-sessile switch. Mol. Microbiol. 89, 929-948.

Zlotnick, A., Porterfield, J.Z., Wang, J.C. (2013) To build a virus on a nucleic acid substrate. Biophys. J. 104, 1595-1604.

Zlotnick, A., Tan, Z., Selzer, L. (2013) One protein, at least three structures, and many functions. Structure 21, 6-8.

articles of interest for materials science EM:

DeSantis, C. J. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2013) Core values: elucidating the role of seed structure in the synthesis of symmetrically-branched nanocrystals. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 10-13.

DeSantis, C. J., Weiner, B. G., Radmilovic, A., Bower, M. M. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2013) Seeding bimetallic nanostructures as a new class of plasmonic colloids. J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 4, 3072-3082.

Dukes, M.J., Jacobs, B.W., Morgan, D.G., Hegde, H. and Kelly, D.F. (2013) Visualizing nanoparticle mobility in liquid at atomic resolution. Chem. Commun. 49, 3007-3009.

Gage, S. H., Stein, B.D., Nikoshvili, L. Zh., Matveeva, V.G., Sulman, M. G.; Sulman, E. M., Morgan, D.G., Yuzik-Klimova, E.Yu., Mahmoud, W.E. and Bronstein, L.M. (2013) Functionalization of monodisperse iron cxide NPs and their properties as magnetically recoverable catalysts. Langmuir 29, 466-473.

Gumina, G., Easterday, R., Malyutin, A.G., Budgin, A.M., Stein, B.D., Nikoshvili, L.Zh., Matveeva, V.G., Sulman, E.M., Morgan, D.G. and Bronstein, L.M. (2013) γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticle surface controls PtFe nanoparticle growth and catalytic properties. Nanoscale 5, 2921-2927.

Laskar, M.; Zhong, Z.-L.; Li, Z.; Skrabalak, S. E. (2013) Manipulating the kinetics of seeded growth for edge-selective deposition of metal and the formation of concave Au nanocrystals. ChemSusChem 6, 1959-1965 (invited manuscript for a special issue: Shape-Controlled Nanostructures for Energy and Sustainability Applications.

Mann, A. K. P., Fu, J., DeSantis, C. J. and Skrabalak, S. E. (2013) Spatial and temporal confinement of salt fluxes for the shape-controlled synthesis of Fe2O3 nanocrystals. Chem. Mater. 25, 1549-1555.

Mann, B. F., Mann, A. K. P., Skrabalak, S. E. and Novotny, M. V. (2013) Sub 2-μm macroporous silica microparticles derivatized for enhanced lectin affinity enrichment of glycoproteins. Anal. Chem. 85, 1905-1912.

Searles, K., Das, A.K., Buell, R.W., Pink, M., Chen, C.-H., Pal, K., Morgan, D.G., Mindiola, D.J. and Caulton, K.G. (2013) 2,2'-Pyridylpyrrolide ligand redistribution following reduction. Inorganic Chem. 52, 5611-5619.

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