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Publications From 2012

Here are some EM-containing publications from people using the IUB EM facilities in 2012. All the publications listed here have at least some electron microscopy done using instruments at IUB. Clicking on the title of an article will take you to the website of the publisher where you should be able to obtain a PDF copy of the journal article. If you are unable to obtain a copy that way, please contact the highlighted author(s) for further information. Finally, publications that do not have an IUB-associated name highlighted contain electron microscopy work done by off-campus users of EMC equipment.


articles of interest for biology/structural biology EM:

Brown, P.J.B., de Pedro, M.A., Kysela, D.T., Van der Henst, C., Kim, J., De Bolle, X., Fuqua, C. and Brun, Y.V. (2012) Polar growth in the Alphaproteobacterial order Rhizobiales. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 109, 1697-1701.

Cunningham, J.A., Thomas, C.W., Bengtson, S., Marone, F., Stampanoni, M., Turner, F.R., Bailey, J.V., Raff, R.A., Raff, E.C. and Donoghue, P.C.J (2012) Experimental taphonomy of giant sulphur bacteria: implications for the interpretation of the embryo-like Ediacaran Doushantuo fossils. Proc. Royal Soc. B. Biol. Sci. 279, 1857-1864.

Ding, W.-X., Li, M., Blazik, J.M., Morgan, D.G., Guo, F., Ni, H.-M., Goheen, M., Eskelinen, E.L., and Yin, X.-M. (2012) Electron microscopic analysis of a spherical mitochondrial structure. J. Biol. Chem. 287, 42373-42378.

Dhasan R.S., Wang J.C., Hagan M.F., and Zlotnick A. (2012) Differential assembly of Hepatitis B virus core protein on single- and double-stranded nucleic acid suggest the dsDNA-filled core is spring-loaded. Virology 430, 20-29.

Katz, G., Wei, H., Alimova, A., Katz, A., Morgan, D.G. and Gottlieb, P. (2012) Protein P7 of the cystovirus φ6 is located at the three-fold axis of the unexpanded procapsid. PLoS One 7, e47489.

Kler, S., Asor, R., Li, C., Ginsburg, A., Harries, D., Oppenheim, A., Zlotnick, A. and Raviv, U. (2012) RNA encapsidation by SV40-derived nanoparticles follows a rapid two-state mechanism. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, 8823-8830. 

Li, C., Wang, J.C., Taylor, M.W. and Zlotnick, A. (2012) In vitro assembly of an empty picornavirus capsid follows a dodecahedral path. J. Virol. 86, 13062-13069.

Mim, C., Cui, H., Gawronski-Salerno, J.A., Frost, A., Lyman, E., Voth, G.A. and Unger, V.M. (2012) Structural basis of membrane bending by the N-BAR protein endophilin. Cell 149, 137-146.

Ni, P., Wang, Z., Ma, X., Das, N.C., Sokol, P., Chiu, W., Dragnea, B., Hagan, M. and Kao, C.C. (2012) An examination of the electrostatic interactions between the N-terminal tail of the brome mosaic virus coat protein and encapsidated RNAs. J. Mol. Biol. 419, 284-300.

Snyder, A. J. and Mukhopadhyay, S. (2012) The alphavirus E3 protein functions in a clade-specific manner. J. Virol. 86, 13609-13620.

Snyder, A.J., Sokoloski, K.J. and Mukhopadhyay, S. (2012) Mutating conserved cysteines in the alphavirus E2 glycoprotein causes virus-specific assembly defects. J. Virol. 86, 3100-3111.

Subba-Reddy, C.V., Tragesser, B., Xu, Z., Stein, B., Ranjith-Kumar, C.T. and Kao, C.C. (2012) RNA synthesis by the brome mosaic virus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase in human cells reveals requirements for de novo initiation and protein-protein interaction. J. Virol. 86, 4317-4327.

Terrell, D., Xie, B.T., Workman, M., Mahato, S., Zelhof, A., Gebelein, B. and Cook, T. (2012) OTX2 and CRX rescue overlapping and photoreceptor-specific functions in the Drosophila eye. Dev. Dynamics 241, 215-228.

van Eldijk, M.B., Wang, J.C.-Y., Minten, I.J., Li, C., Zlotnick, A., Nolte, R.J.M., Cornelissen, J.J.L.M. and van Hest, J.C.M. (2012) Designing two self-assembly mechanisms into one viral capsid protein.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, 18506-18509.

Wang, J.C., Dhasan, R.S., and Zlotnick, A. (2012) Structural organization of pregenomic RNA and the carboxy-terminal domain of the capsid protein of hepatitis B virus. PLoS Pathog. 8, e1002919.

articles of interest for materials science EM:

Budgin, A.M., Kabachii, Y.A.,; Shifrina, Z.B., Valetsky, P.M., Kochev, S.S., Stein, B.D., Malyutin, A. and Bronstein, L.M. (2012) Functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles with amphiphilic block copolymers: self-assembled thermoresponsive submicrometer particles. Langmuir 28, 4142-4151.

DeSantis, C.J. and Skrabalak, S.E. (2012) Size-controlled synthesis of Au/Pd octopods with high refractive index sensitivity. Langmuir 28, 9055-9062.

DeSantis, C.J. Sue, A.C. Bower, M.M. and Skrabalak, S.E. (2012) Seed-mediated co-reduction: a versatile route to architecturally controlled bimetallic nanostructures. ACS Nano 6, 2617–2628.

Kuchkina, N.V., Morgan, D.G., Stein, B.D., Puntus, L.N., Sergeev, A.M., Peregudov, A.S., Bronstein, L.M. and Shifrina, Z.B. (2012) Polyphenylenepyridyl dendrimers as stabilizing and controlling agents for CdS nanoparticle formation. Nanoscale 4, 2378-2386.

Mann, A.K.P., Steinmiller, E.M.P. and Skrabalak, S.E. (2012) Elucidating the structure-dependent photocatalytic properties of Bi2WO6: a synthesis guided investigation. Dalton Transactions 41 (issue called New Talents: Americas), 7939-7945.

Tsvetkova, I.B., Matveeva, V.G., Doluda, V.Y., Bykov, A.V., Sidorov, A.I., Schennikov, S.V., Sulman, M.G., Valetsky, P.M., Stein, B.D., Chen, C.H., Sulman, E.M. and Bronstein, L.M. (2012) Pd(II) nanoparticles in porous polystyrene: factors influencing the nanoparticle size and catalytic properties. J. Mat. Chem. 22, 6441-6448.

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