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Publications from 2010

Here are some EM-containing publications from people using the IUB EM facilities in 2010. All the publications listed here have at least some electron microscopy done using instruments at IUB. Clicking on the title of an article will take you to the website of the publisher where you should be able to obtain a PDF copy of the journal article. If you are unable to obtain a copy that way, please contact the highlighted author(s) for further information. Finally, publications that do not have an IUB-associated name highlighted contain electron microscopy work done by off-campus users of EMC equipment.


articles of interest for biology/structural biology EM:

Heaslip, A. T., Dzierszinski, F., Stein, B. and Hu, K. (2010) TgMORN1 is a key organizer for the basal complex of Toxoplasma gondii.  PLoS Pathogens  6, e1000754

Liu, X., Afrane, M., Clemmer, D. E., Zhong, G. and Nelson, D. E. (2010) Identification of Chlamydia trachomatis Outer Membrane Complex Proteins by Differential Proteomics. J. Bact. 192, 2852-2860.

Mishra, M., Oke, A., Lebel, C., McDonald, E. C., Plummer, Z., Cook, T. A. and Zelhof, A. C. (2010)  Pph13 and Orthodenticle define a dual regulatory pathway for photoreceptor cell morphogenesis and function. Development 137, 2895-2904.

Porterfield, J.Z., Dhason, S.M., Loeb, D.D. Nassal, M., Stray, S.J. and Zlotnick, A. (2010) Full-length hepatitis B virus core protein packages viral and heterologous RNA with similarly high levels of cooperativity. J. Virol. 84, 7174-7184.

Salzer, C. L., Elias Y. and Kumar J. P. (2010) The Retinal Determination Gene eyes absent Is Regulated by the EGF Receptor Pathway Throughout Development in Drosophila. Genetics 184, 185-197.

articles of interest for materials science EM:

Bronstein, L.M., Shtykova, E.V., Malyutin, A., Dyke, J.C., Gunn, E., Gao, X., Stein B., Konarev, P.V., Dragnea, B. and Svergun, D.I. (2010) Hydrophilization of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Modified Alternating Copolymers. Part 1: The Influence of the Grafting. Journal of Physical Chemistry C  114, 21900-21907.

Peterson, A.K., Morgan, D.G. and Skrabalak, S.E. (2010) Aerosol Synthesis of Porous Particles Using Simple Salts as a Pore Template. Langmuir 26, 8804-8809.

Shtykova E.V., Malyutin A., Dyke J., Stein B., Konarev P.V., Dragnea B., Svergun D.I. and Bronstein L.M. (2010) Hydrophilization of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Modified Alternating Copolymers. Part 2: Behavior in Solution. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114,  21908-21913.

Sulman E.M., Matveeva V.G., Doluda V.Y.,  Sidorov A.I., Lakina N.V., Bykov A.V., Sulman M.G., Valetsky P. M., Kustov L.M., Tkachenko O.P., Stein, B.D. and Bronstein L. M. (2010) Efficient polymer-based nanocatalysts with enhanced catalytic performance in wet air oxidation of phenol. Applied Catalysis B - Environmental 94, 200-210.

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