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Requests for Project Consultations

In addition to handling reservations and billing, iLab can be used to manage projects done within the EMC. This establishes an electronic record of various aspects of any EMC project, starting with the initial request to discuss feasibility, costs, timelines, expectations, etc. Both the EMC staff and the EMC users can then use iLab to follow things such as the project's progress, costs, etc.

That initial discussion is what iLab calls a project consultation. It is started by going to the EMC home page in iLab and clicking on the Request Services tab:

IUB EM Center "schedule equipment" tab in iLab

That action opens the service request tab, which allows you to select among various EMC services. Click on the request service button to the right of Consultation (Consultation):

IUB EM Center "Request Services" tab in iLab

This opens a form that allows you to describe your project. Please upload any previous EM work that you have done related to the proposed project. In addition, you can upload other items such as literature references that deal with projects similar to the proposed work:

IUB EM Center request consultation page

After you save the form, click on the submit request to core button in the lower right corner of this page:

IUB EM Center request consultation submission buttons

Once a consultation request has been submitted, you will receive a response from iLab indicating which member of the EMC staff will contact you about the request. In most cases, the response from iLab will be accompanied by an e-mail from that staff member inviting you to a face-to-face meeting between the EMC and you. Please include additional lab members who will be involved in the project in this meeting. This initial response from iLab may include an estimate of the costs involved, but that will more often be dealt with first during the face-to-face meeting and later in a new response from iLab.