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Requests for Training with EM Center Equipment

All equipment in the facility is available for fee-for-use work, but the EMC does require training before a person can use any of the equipment without supervision. Such training extends to everyone who uses the facility, including those familiar with similar or even identical equipment elsewhere.

All requests for training should be initiated by going to the EM Center's main iLab page and clicking on the Request Services tab:

IUB EM Center "schedule equipment" tab in iLab

Clicking on this tab opens the service request page, which allows you to select among various EMC services. Click on the request service button to the right of Equipment Use (Training):

IUB EM Center "Request Services" tab in iLab

This opens a form that allows you to select a particular piece of equipment and to let the EMC staff know whether you have previous experience with such an instrument. You can also provide an estimate of when you will be ready for training to start. In most cases, you can leave the preferred date and time box with the default date or empty:

IUB EM Center request equipment training page

After you save the form, click on the submit request to core button in the lower right corner of this page:

IUB EM Center request equipment  training submission buttons

Once a training request has been submitted, you will receive a response from iLab indicating which member of the EMC staff will be responsible for your training and an estimate of any costs (such as equipment reservations) associated with the training.

NOTE: The EMC does not charge for staff time during user training but does bill for applicable equipment usage.