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Making a Linked Reservation in iLab

When making a reservation for some of the imaging tools in the EMC, it is also possible to reserve a particular holder that needs to be used for that microscope session. This is referred to as a linked reservation and guarantees that all the equipment a user needs will be available at the appropriate time and that any billing will treat both the reserved microscope and the reserved holder as a single event.

When you make a normal user reservation for the JEOL JEM 1400plus or the JEOL JEM 3200FS, you initially click and drag the mouse over the reservation calendar:

iLab reservation calendar

This example (using the 1400plus) opens a new page containing the reservation details. There is a checkbox beneath the 'Reserve time on a linked schedule' label (below the section that deals with start and stop times). Check the box:

iLab reservation details page

This expands the linked reservation region, which shows additional equipment that can be linked to this reservation. In this example, there are four holders that can be reserved for use with the 1400plus (i.e., the checkboxes below the one labeled Reserve mark the different holders), but the person making the reservation has only been trained to use two of them. The green checks at the right indicate both that the use has been trained to use the two holders and that they are available for the entire time of the proposed 1400plus reservation. In this example, the user has selected the dual tilt tomography holder:

iLab reservation details page:  expanded linked schedule region

The other two holders (flagged with the red 'minus sign discs' above) are unavailable to link to the current 1400plus reservation. In this example, these holders are unavailable because this user cannot use them without supervision. If the user were able to use a holder but it had already been reserved by someone else, there would be both the 'Self Use' dropdown menu indicating the rate and the red disc marking the holder as unavailable to the right of the holder's name.

After saving the 1400plus reservation in the usual manner, the resulting reservation is marked on the calendar as having a linked reservation:

iLab reservation calendar wtih linked reservation icon

If you were to check the iLab schedule for the dual tilt tomography holder, you would find that it has been reserved for exactly the same time by the same user using the same financial account.