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Ways To Change Your iLab Profile

It may become necessary to change your iLab profile information. For example, your status could change from graduate student to post-doctoral fellow or post-doctoral fellow to research scientist, you could move from lab A to lab B or from department LMN to department XYZ, etc.

Here are step-by-step instructions for making changes to your basic contact information, followed by how to change your departmental affiliation:

Log into the EMC in iLab:

IUB EM Center "schedule equipment" tab in iLab

and click on 'my profile' in the upper right corner:

close up: upper right corner of IUB EM Center "schedule equipment" tab in iLab

Then click on the Edit button on the Profile Details page:

iLab "my profile" page:  profile details

and update the appropriate text fields:

iLab "my profile" page:  profile details (editing mode)

Save the changes by clicking on the save button in the lower right corner of the page:

iLab "my profile" page:  save edits

Other changes can be made by selecting (for example) the Billing/Shipping Information link:

iLab "my profile" page:  profile details with arrow to Billing/Shipping Info tab

and changing fields such as departmental affiliation, room number, etc. Save (as described above) the information on this page:

iLab "my profile" page:  Billing/Shipping Information tab


You can also use the iLab Profile page to change your iLab password and to control where (and even if) iLab sends e-mail notifications of certain events.