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Setting Up Your iLab Group Account

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Because iLab is tied directly to the IU financial system (aka the Kuali Financial System or KFS), all IU faculty members should be in the iLab system already. This means that PI's should have an iLab account, whether it has ever been used or not. These default iLab accounts should also show each faculty member as the PI of their own iLab group.

Since the PI account is also an iLab user account, the PI can make equipment reservations as a normal iLab user would. The group aspect of this iLab account allows the PI to control various membership and financial aspects for the group. For example, the PI can accept new members into the group, can remove members from the group and can authorize members to use particular financial accounts. As part of the IU financial system, a PI's external grant accounts (e.g., grants from NIH or NSF) should automatically be connected to the group account. In addition, a PI can add internal accounts (e.g., awards from Indiana CTSI) to the group. Once such internal accounts have been added, the PI will need to authorize individual user access to the account(s).


First time iLab users:

If you have not ever used iLab for anything, you will need to reset your default password: login directly into the EMC iLab home page (https://my.ilabsolutions.com/service_center/show_external/4310) and click on the Sign-in button in the upper right corner:

IUB EM Center "about or core" tab in iLab

If you are using iLab for the first time, you should be able to select the option to reset your password:

ilab login page with password reset request button

Use your full IU e-mail address (i.e., include the @iu.edu, @indiana.edu, etc.) as your iLab user name and follow the instructions. iLab will contact you via e-mail once the new password in in the system.

Accessing Your iLab Group Account:

Once you have an iLab password, log into iLab by following the instructions in the message from iLab. Go to your group home page by clicking the "my groups" link in the "manage groups" area at the left of every iLab page:

IUB EM Center "schedule equipment" tab in iLab

This will take you to a page that lists every group in iLab that you belong to. Most people will only belong to a single iLab group, but is possible to belong to dozens. Pi's should automatically have at least one group account in their name. Click on the group you want to modify:

iLab Groups page Alternatively, you can click on the appropriate group as the mouse hovers over the 'my groups' link and shows these same groups in a floating bubble to the right of the mouse

This will take you to the "Members" tab of your group home page:

iLab group page showing "Members" tab

At this point, it is possible to manage people and finances within your iLab group.

Granting a New Member Access to the Group: 

At the bottom of the group account Members tab is a button labelled 'link existing user' (marked with a blue arrow in the figure immediately above here). Clicking it opens a text box that allows you to search for a new group member by entering the user's name:

iLab "add existing user" from PI's Group page

If you are unable to find the new group member here, you may need to try another name (e.g., "da Vinci" instead of "daVinci"). It is also possible that the new group member is not yet in the iLab system. In this case, that person will need to register for an iLab user account and you will need to follow the next set of instructions.

Granting a Membership Request: 

When a person registers for an iLab user account, the registration procedure asks for the name of the new user's lab. This triggers a request for access to the lab/group when iLab processes the registration. This request then appears in the PI's group page, in the region of the Membership Requests & Accounts tab marked with a blue arrow in the figure immediately below here. Such a request looks like:

missing image of iLab "grant group membership request" from PI's Group page

and you will need to approve the request.

Authorizing Access to a Particular Account: 

After clicking on the group account Membership Request and Accounts tab (the first tab), you should see a page similar to this:

iLab group page showing "Membership Requests & Accounts" tab

The "Manage Accounts" portion of the page shows a list of group members. Beside each of the names are checkboxes for all the accounts that iLab knows about. Click on a checkbox to authorize (or un-authorize) an indivual to use a particular account.

Adding an Internal Financial Account: 

If for some reason, the account you want to use does not appear on this page, there is another section to the Membership Requests and Accounts page labelled "Request access to additional Accounts" (just below the Manage Accounts area). When you click on that title, a text box will appear:

iLab "Request access to additional Accounts" page

Enter the account you wish to use and click the Request button. The account number must be in this sort of format: "1234567-" (and you will receive an error for the account number if it is not).

Editing a Group Member: 

If you need to edit any of the properties beside a group members name, click on the pencil (marked with the blue arrow in the figure immediately above here) beside a member's name:

This opens the text boxes (shown below) corresponding to e-mail, phone, start/end dates, etc. This action also allows the PI to designate this member as the group financial contact, a lab manager or PI (as opposed to a simple lab member), etc.

Removing a Group Member: 

When members leave the group, all that needs to be done is to click on the red X (marked with a red arrow in the figure immediately above here) beside a member's name.

If you have questions about using iLab, please contact David Morgan.