image of early Ruska electron microscope from wikipediaSome History of EM

The EM Center gave a tour a while ago for several of the campus librarians who deal specifically with various science departments. In the course of the tour, references were made to the historical scene around the time of the development of the first electron microscopes, and to Ernst Ruska and the first electron microscopes.

At the end of the tour, one of the librarians asked if we would be interested in having them hunt down some of the primary references for the development of the instruments and other historical documents related to this. We were thrilled at the offer, and the following lists a number of the documents that they were able to find (and some others that we have since hunted down on our own).


Louis de Broglie
image of Louis de Broglie

This work from de Broglie is one of the first places, if not the very first, where the wave nature of electrons is described.

Interestingly enough, according to Ernst Ruska's Nobel speech in 1986, Ruska did not know of de Broglie's "material wave" theory until the summer of 1931, after the first electron microscope had been constructed!


Ernst Ruska
image of Ernst Ruska


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