image of Ernie Pyle statue just east of the Sample Gates on the IUB campus

Accomplishments and Future Interests

Here are a number of the additions to the EM Center that have been discussed since the facility officially began. Some have yet to be started (marked as open), some are true works-in-progress (marked as on-going) and others have been fully accomplished (marked as done).

NOTE: This is a series of nested, expandable lists. Click on an item to expand it. Each item has a "status" line and a detailed description of what the EMC has done. Finished items will have links to other pages in our website. The first time you visit this page, all the lists will be collapsed. You can collapse and expand the different items and leave them in mixed states. All expanded entries will still be expanded the next time you visit this page within a single web browser session. However, if you reload the page or revisit it after closing your browser, all the lists will again be collapsed.