EMC Mailing Lists

snapshot of the homepage for the Sympa system that manages e-mail lists at IUB

The EMC has created e-mail lists to make communication with our different users easier. We are using the campus list server framework (called Sympa) to host these groups, and lots of information about how such lists work can be found here. That page leads both to details about how the e-mail list server works and can also be used to look at the mailing lists that the EMC has created.

There are four main mailing lists that the EMC uses: a group for everyone who uses the facility (EMC-1010-USERS-L), a group specifically for users of the new JEOL JEM 1400plus (EMC-1400plus-USERS-L), a group specifically for the users of the JEOL JEM 3200FS (EMC-3200-USERS-L) and a group specifically for the faculty (EMC-FACULTY-L). Anyone can send e-mail to these addresses (remember to add the @indiana.edu when using them) and those messages will be distributed to everyone on the lists.

Here are the most basic things you need to know about the EMC mailing lists:

Other things can be done once a user is subscribed to any of these mailing lists, and information about all the additional options can be found here.

The last thing to remember about these e-mail lists is that all these lists are moderated e-mail lists, meaning that all communications and subscriptions to each of them must first be approved by the list-master. This means that when a subscription is requested or when a message is sent, there be a delay between the initial action and when the request is fulfilled. In some cases, the list-master will decide to handle messages privately, and in the case of junk mail sent to the lists, such messages will simply be deleted.