Damaged Gatan 914 Cryo-Tomography Holder

Here are some images of the Gatan 914 cryo-tomography holder for the JEOL JEM 3200FS after it was damaged during the summer of 2015. While being inserted into the cryo-transfer station, the tip of the holder somehow folded down and then back towards the liquid nitrogen dewar, and was sheared off.

These images were recorded using the Leica M205FA Stereo Microscope in the Light Microscopy Imaging Facility. The top image is the through-focus composite image that the M205FA recorded, and for some reason, the severe ghosting best seen in the lower left corner of this image appeared in all the composite images. For that reason, the other images on this page were simply single images where the focus was chosen to highlight specific features of the damage.

Side Views (focused on different parts of the damage)