image of Balzars 030 critical point dryer image of Polaron E5100 sputter coater

Additional Sample Preparation Equipment

In addition to the Wohlwend HPF Compact 1 high pressure freezer and the Leica AFS-2 freeze substitution instrument, the EMC also has a Balzars CPD 030 critical point dryer, a Polaron E5100 sputter coater, four Porter Blum MT-2 ultramicrotomes, an LKB IV ultramicrotome and a Denton DV502 carbon evaporator with attachments for glow discharge and both fixed angle and rotary shadowing. Training for all these devices can be arranged by contacting Barry Stein. A few details of the training can be found here.

image of the Denton DV502 carbon evaporator
image of one of our PorterBlum ultramicrotomes
image of our LKB ultramicrotome