photo of Wohlwend Compact 2 high pressure freezer

Wohlwend High Pressure Freezer

Our Wohlwend HPF Compact 2 high pressure freezer is essentially identical to this image of a HPF Compact 1 from the TechnoTrade website. Both the high pressure freezer and the Leica AFS-2 freeze substitution machine are housed in Myers 040.

We are currently trying to use this machine as efficiently as possible, which means that we are trying to group users into blocks of time that only fill a few days or a single week per month. Please contact Barry Stein for more information about using the high pressure freezer.

In order to make high pressure freezing and freeze substitution work as easy as possible, the EMC is attempting to provide users with the tools and consumables needed for these procedures. The EMC is collecting various tools designed to make this work run more smoothly, and consumables will be provided to users at our costs. We are in the process of creating a price list for these items, but the best thing to do at this time is simply to ask the EMC staff about what items are available and what the costs are.

Documents related to the use of this device can be found here.

In addition, the EMC staff has held a monthly discussion of issues that involve high pressure freezing and freeze substitution. This meeting ran for a short while, but has been suspended due to lack of interest. If interest should develop again for such a monthly discussion forum, please contact David Morgan.

Finally, the EMC and LMIC held a one-day workshop on correlative light and electron microscopy (aka CLEM). The workshop was May 14, 2014 and speakers included Kent McDonald from the UC Berkeley Electron Microscope Lab, Derron Bishop from the Department of Physiology and Health Science at Ball State University and Chris Gilpin from the Purdue Life Science Microscopy Facility. Additional information about this workshop (including links to the speakers' presentations) can be found here.