Open House and Inaugural Presentations

On July 1, 2013, the EMC officially opened for business. We gave away coffee and donuts all morning while answering questions about the new core facility and giving tours of the equipment. Here are some pictures from that morning's events:

image from 2013 EMC open house another image from 2013 EMC open house another image from 2013 EMC open house

On the following day, Barry Stein and Gavin Murphy gave a joint presentation entitled The EMC and You: How the New Electron Microscopy Center Can Benefit YOUR Research to the biological community in Myers Hall 130. Roger Innes introduced all the staff of the EMC, and then Barry and Gavin split the next 50 minutes talking about how the new core facility could help the biology community in a variety of ways. Both Barry and Gavin emphasized correlated light and electron microscopy, but also discussed the other types of research that can be done using the new core facility.

image from lecture by Barry and Gavin another image from lecture by Barry and Gavin
flyer from David's talk in Chemistry Department

A week before the official start of the EMC, David Morgan gave a presentation to the Chemistry Department that introduced the EMC and then focused on the materials science capabilities of the facility. His talk ended with examples of recently published work by members of the department.

The EMC would like to repeat these departmental seminars every year or so, and as time passes, to shift from this description of the new facility and what we can do for users towards simply a series of recent projects done in the EMC that have relevance for particular audiences. We would also like to expand this type of seminar to include additional places such as Physics, Geology, SPEA and Psychology and Brain Science, and perhaps even to include areas such as art and art conservation, archaeology, anthropology, the School of Optometry and centers such as the Catapult Center and the Advanced Visualization Lab if we can make the proper connections.

We also created a poster for the newly established EMC:

image of the EMC poster from the summer of 2013