Resolution Tests for JEOL Single Tilt Be Retainer (EM-21150)

single tilt beryllium retainerThe JEOL single tilt beryllium retainer is broad and has a tilt range of ±15° in our JEOL JEM 3200FS and ±30° in our JEOL JEM 1400plus. It is quite stable and produces high resolution images even when tilted (data not shown). Resolution tests were conducted using a replica diffraction grating (a so called waffle grid) made of poly-crystalline gold islands on a carbon support film.

The images below were recorded using the 3200FS at a microscope magnification of 300,000x (~377,000x at the CCD) and an exposure time of 1 second:


untilted imagesub-image and FFT of full image

Mouse over the image above to see the Fourier transform of the full image.

The spacing between the gold atoms (2.35 Å) are clearly resolved in this untilted image and the Fourier transforms shows the expected "powder diffraction pattern" associated with this sort of poly-crystalline gold specimen.

Since the tilt range of this holder is relatively low, tilted images were not recorded during initial testing of this holder.