AFS-2 Freeze Substitution Device

photo of JEOL JSM 5800LV

Our Leica EM AFS-2 freeze substitution machine is similar to the one shown in this image from the Leica website. The AFS-2 is housed in Myers 040 along with the Wohlwend high pressure freezer. In addition to this basic unit, we also have the automated sample preparation unit which can be placed on top of the device shown at the right. Please contact Barry Stein for further information about using the AFS-2.

We have recently begun (spring, 2014) a monthly discussion of issues that involve high pressure freezing and freeze substitution. This meeting occurs in Simon Hall 030 from 11 to noon on the first Tuesday of every month. Contact David Morgan for further information about this discussion group.

Finally, the EMC and LMIC held a one-day workshop on correlative light and electron microscopy (aka CLEM). The workshop was May 14, 2014 and speakers included Kent McDonald from the UC Berkeley Electron Microscope Lab, Derron Bishop from the Department of Physiology and Health Science at Ball State University and Chris Gilpin from the Purdue Life Science Microscopy Facility. Additional information about this workshop (including links to the speakers' presentations) can be found here.