JEOL JEM 1400plus

Starting in January, 2017, the EMC retired the JEOL JSM 5800LV and installed a new JEOL JEM 1400plus 120 kV TEM similar to the image at the right from the JEOL USA website.

Our 1400plus uses a lanthanum hexaboride filament (LaB6, aka LaB6 or lab6) to generate the electron beam and is significantly brighter than the JEOL JEM 1010. It has deeply embedded computer control (more similar to the JEOL JEM 3200FS than to the 1010) and a user interface similar to the 3200FS's. Despite these fundamental differences, the 1400plus is very similar to both the 1010 and 3200FS in terms of use. We expect that users of both instruments will adapt easily to the 1400plus. A brief description of training to use the 1400plus can be found here.

Our 1400plus is equipped with a Gatan OneView CMOS camera that will eventually be capable of recording 4k x 4k CCD images at 25 fps (and smaller areas of the sensor as fast as 300 fps). It also has an EDX system built around one of the X-MaxN SSD detectors from Oxford Instruments. In addition, we have installed the tomography data collection program serialEM which can be used to automate tilt-series acquisition and some data collection.

All the specimen holders that can used in the 3200FS can also be used in the 1400plus (including the cryo-holders), and the EMC has added a 4-position multi-specimen holder, a single tilt beryllium holder (for low background EDX work) and a ProtoChips Poseidon liquid cell holder. All users will need to be trained to use these new holders and it is mandatory that the holders be carefully cleaned between use in the 1400plus and in the 3200FS.

Documents relating to the use of the JEOL 1400plus can be found here.