image of JEOL JEM 1010

New Users of the JEOL JEM 1010

New users of the JEOL JEM 1010 should expect to spend 2 or 3 two-hour sessions with Barry Stein when learning to use the microscope. People who are familiar with the operation of other transmission electron microscopes (TEM's) can often accomplish this training in 1 or 2 two-hr session. Training for the 1010 can be done even before a user has a specimen to examine (and users often learn more quickly using a well-behaved and standardized specimen than from a "sample of interest").

During the training, users will learn the basics of how transmission electron microscopes operate, some of the differences between the three TEM's in the EMC (including advantages and disadvantages of each) and day-to-day operations of the 1010. This includes starting and stopping the 1010, loading grids into the holder, inserting and removing the specimen holder, adjusting the illumination system, focusing and stigmation of images, use of the Gatan MegaScan CCD camera and what the user should see when the 1010 is operating in its normal state.

Before training to use the 1010 can begin, users should make a training request using the iLab Service Request page and should be thinking about a particular TEM project.

NOTE: Actual use of all of the EMC equipment improves with practice, and while these time estimates for training are reasonable, the EMC staff also assumes that training will be followed immediately by more involved use of the equipment.