Holders Available for the JEOL JEM 1010

  1. JEOL single tilt, double specimen holder (EM-SQH10): We have two identical specimen holders for the 1010. These holders are capable of carrying two grids simultaneously and even though the holders are quite broad (~5 mm), the large pole piece gap in the 1010 allows tilting over the range of ±60°. The image to the right shows the EM-SQH10 holder with one of the specimen clamps open and the second clamp closed. There is a toggle switch on the left control area of the 1010 that controls which of the two grids is the active grid (the one that can be imaged). The images below are closeups of the part of the holder that holds the two girds.

    image of EM-SQG10 holder close up of2 grid ssample holder for JEOL JEM 1010 second closeup image of 2 grid sample holder for JEOL JEM 1010
    image of grid in 1010 holder using highest available mag  for Leica M205FANOTE: the two close-up images shown above were obtained with the help of Jim Powers and the Leica M205FA Stereo Microscope in the LMIC (room 052). These two images were obtained at the lowest available magnification of this instrument. The image at the right (also obtained with Jim's help) shows the EM grid in the right-hand specimen slot of the SQH10 at the highest magnification available using this instrument. The white scale bar in the upper left corner of this image is 200 μm (and for comparison, the width of the visible area of the grid in the untilted close-up of the SQH10 holder is 2 mm).

  2. Gatan model 626 cryo-holder: This holder is identical to the Gatan 626 cryo-holder used in the JEOL JEM 3200FS, except that the rod itself is smaller so that it fits into the goniometer of the 1010. More information about this type of holder can be found here.