generic JEOL JEM 1010 image

Our JEOL JEM 1010 transmission electron microscope (TEM) is a 100 kV electron microscope similar to the one shown in this image. This electron microscope is currently equipped with a 1k x 1k Gatan CCD camera (MegaScan model 794) and uses a tungsten filament as its electron source. The 1010 generates very high contrast images due both to its optics (the design of the pole piece) and to the 80 or 100 kV operating voltage. The 1010 was designed to be an extremely robust instrument and is capable of high throughput TEM for both biological and materials science applications.

In terms of physical appearance, the largest differences between the instrument show here and our 1010 are that our 1010 has a larger computer monitor to the immediate right of the microscope column and a table housing an additional computer and monitor to the right of the main instrument. This second computer controls the Gatan CCD camera and a thermal printer that can be used to produce prints of recorded images.

A description of what was involved when we replaced the original Gatan UltraScan 890 CCD camera with the current MegaScan 794 can be found here.

Documents relating to the use of the JEOL 1010 can be found here.